Pro-Abortion Vandals Leave Disturbing Displays in Hobby Lobby

Photo Credit: Facebook/Hobby Lobby

Though he stopped short of taking credit for the outrageous stunt, pro-abortion artist Ron English reported the placement of several highly offensive items left in the aisles of one Hobby Lobby store in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

A video posted on English’s blog showed an unidentified activist placing dolls impaled by coat hangers on the racks alongside Easter merchandise. The tag attached to these dolls identified them as “Hobby Lobby Aborted Baby Jesus.”

YouTube/Ron English

YouTube/Ron English

The vulgar vandalism was obviously part of a targeted attack on the values of the retail chain, which has been a vocal critic of ObamaCare mandates many employers say would force them to violate their religious convictions.

The minute-long clip concludes with a cryptic message:

“Consume like a Real Christian at Hobby Lobby”

English posted the video to his YouTube channel with the title “Christian Consumerism.”

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Hobby Lobby


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