Anti-Gun Radio Host Imagines Shooting Joe the Plumber


Mike Malloy has built a broadcasting career — such as it is — out of making outlandish threats against his political rivals. In just the past few months, he has threatened the lives of conservative legislators like Ted Cruz as well as random members of the National Rifle Association.

Most recently, the host used his forum to tell his meager audience what he thinks of Samuel Wurzelbacher, commonly known as Joe the Plumber. After making a name for himself in conservative circles during Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, the advocate has remained vocal in defending America’s founding liberties.

In response to the recent killing spree in Santa Barbara, Calif., Wurzelbacher expressed his opinion that attempting to prevent bad acts by gun-toting criminals does not supersede the his Second Amendment rights. For making that statement, Malloy reasoned, he does not deserve to live.

“It just gets me so furious that I have to share a planet with complete, moronic halfwits like Wurzelbacher, Joe the Plumber, who says that his rights to own guns trumps a kid or a young man’s right to life.”

Ironically, the gun-grabbing host fantasized about killing the man he called a “filthy piece of human crap” in a duel using one of the firearms he finds so offensive.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Joe the Plumber


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