RuPaul Stands Up to PC Police within His Own Circle

RuPaulCertain activists within the growing gay rights movement are apparently unsatisfied with mere equality. Groups that were once discriminated against are now perpetuating their own form of discrimination against those who do not comply with their demands.

Transgender advocates have been successful in securing outrageous accommodations and have mounted character assaults against those they believe stand in their way. Even potential allies like Ellen DeGeneres have faced public backlash for making innocent comments deemed unacceptable by these radicals.

When famed drag queen RuPaul caught heat for using the word ‘tranny,’ however, he refused to stand idly by and accept the criticism. In a series of Twitter posts, he defended himself and, in a larger sense, the American ideal of free expression.

As RuPaul noted, hypersensitivity is no way to advance an agenda. Replacing perceived intolerance with a retaliatory form of intolerance will only exacerbate whatever issues already exist.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/RuPaul


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