Adam Carolla Condemns the Case for Reparations

Photo Credit: Facebook/Adam Carolla

As Democrat leaders continue to promote America’s leftward lurch, anyone willing to publicly endorse the nation’s founding principles faces the threat of being labeled a rightwing extremist. Comedian and author Adam Carolla has seen this happen to him; however, he seems to have only grown more outspoken as a result.

In a recent interview, he tackled the contentious issue of reparations, criticizing a recent Vox article that suggested the Federal Reserve should print more than $33,000 for each black American as a way to erase income disparity.

“I’m not a big fan of handing people things and thinking that’s going to work,” he said, calling the idea “f—king insane.”

Instead of leading to real improvements in the black community, he said recipients would only find themselves in the same situation after the one-time payment is gone. Carolla said he favors a more permanent solution.

“If you want to talk about focusing on education, focusing on family, and focusing on things that can actually help people – whatever your skin color is – who are in a position that’s disadvantaged, I’m all for it.”

He concluded that he would be an ardent supporter of reparations if he believed that such a program would erase the problems in the black community.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Adam Carolla


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