Hillary Forced to Sell Tickets for Upcoming Speech at Clearance Prices

Photo Credit: Kai Mörk (Creative Commons)

Living Social is a popular website among shoppers looking for a bargain and retailers trying to unload merchandise that isn’t selling at its original asking price. Apparently, organizers of an upcoming Hillary Clinton speech felt that event qualified.

Not only can visitors purchase tickets that were expected to command $175 apiece for one-third that price, a temporary drop Thursday shaved off another six dollars. Still, there were very few takers.

With only one day left to buy, just over 200 tickets had been purchased by midday for her address at a venue that can hold as many as 7,500 attendees. Even a flowery description of Clinton’s ostensible accomplishments seemed to provide little incentive.

“Her ‘smart power’ approach to foreign policy repositioned American diplomacy and development for the 21st century.”

Clinton’s inevitability as the 2016 Democrat presidential nominee has been challenged by friends and foes alike in recent weeks. Publicizing the fact that she cannot fill seats to her own keynote speech is not likely to reassure those cynics.

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Photo Credit: Kai Mörk (Creative Commons)


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