Court Defends Warrantless Police Roundup of Gun Owners


The relentless push to disarm law-abiding Americans has led to deadly consequences in many cities under leftist control. Nevertheless, those who exercise their Second Amendment rights continue to find themselves assailed by politicians, activists, and authorities desperate to make sure the government has a monopoly on legally owned firearms.

A few years ago, Wisconsinite Krysta Sutterfield found this out the hard way when police forced their way in her home without a warrant to confiscate her guns and confine her to a mental facility. Despite pleading with the officers, she was subjected to invasive tests and treated like a menace to society based on an ostensibly private conversation she had with a psychiatrist.

After her doctor reported her to the authorities, Sutterfield found herself at the mercy of law enforcement. When her ordeal was over, she attempted to resolve the matter through the court system, contending not only her Second but her Fourth Amendment rights had been violated.

A three-member panel of appeals judges concluded officers did act inappropriately.

“At the core of the privacy protected by the Fourth Amendment is the right to be let alone in one’s home.”

Despite what Judge Ilana Rovner described as “profound” intrusions into her privacy, though, the panel upheld the police action because they were apparently acting to “protect Sutterfield from harm.”

Allowing police to become the sole arbiter regarding who is and is not competent to own a gun is one more disturbing step toward permanent destruction of the Second Amendment.

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