Comedian Goes Off on Left Over ‘Trigger Warning’ Campaign

Photo Credit: Facebook/Jim Norton

Leftist educators and students across the nation are urging the implementation of so-called ‘trigger warning’ policies on college campuses. Such programs, as suggested in proposals at Oberlin College among others, would require labels on potentially offensive literature.

As comedian Jim Norton explained during a recent episode of the Opie and Anthony radio program, ideas like this go against everything liberals are supposed to represent.

“It has turned completely around. You are the speech oppressors. You are the hypersensitive ones. You’re the ones who want people fired immediately. You’re the ones calling for people’s jobs.”

He concluded that today’s leftists are just another version of the book-burning ultra-conservatives of the early 20th century.

Today’s young adults are being coddled to the point that they cannot handle any uncomfortable thoughts or ideas, Norton explained, noting the absurdity of students working with administrators to determine what they will be required to study.

“This is what you’ve created,” he told today’s leftists. “Since when do students get to say what they should or shouldn’t do?”

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Jim Norton


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