Rampant Carjackers Give ‘Motor City’ a Frightening New Look


Detroit’s crime epidemic has been well documented in recent years as a huge portion of the now-bankrupt city’s population has abandoned it for greener pastures. Those who remain increasingly fall into one of two categories: perpetrators and victims.

Carjackings, for example, spiked in 2012 when 1,231 were reported within the city limits. To compare that total with a similarly populated city, El Paso had just 18 that year.

Many of these violent crimes occur at gas stations and, as a result, business owners are taking part in a citywide program meant to reassure customers that they will be safe. Nevertheless, residents like Sharlonda Buckman are understandably reluctant to trust their safety to improvements like better lighting and increased staffing.

“If the night catches me, I won’t pump gas in the city.”

Other motorists opt to run red lights rather than risk becoming another intersection victim.

As of the most recent report available, Detroit has already received 191 carjacking reports – two with deadly results for victims.

Local authorities blame the carjacking increases on increased automotive security, ignoring the fact that Detroit has astronomically high instances compared to the national average. Cities that come anywhere close to Motown’s numbers – such as Newark, N.J. – all tend to have one thing in common: a long history of leftist leadership.

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Photo Credit: Zakysant (Creative Commons)


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