Comedian Rips Apart the Left’s Concept of White Privilege

adam carollaAdam Carolla has made a career out of slaughtering sacred cows on either side of the political spectrum. He lived up to that reputation recently during a segment on his popular podcast.

Sharing from his personal experiences with left-leaning media outlets, he lambasted the ongoing effort to portray whites as inherently racist and unfairly privileged. In particular, he said an interview with Salon quickly devolved into an exercise in race-baiting.

“They go, ‘So you’re white and you’re male and you’re doing comedy. Do you feel an obligation to bring up more females, Hispanics and blacks into the comedy world?’”

Carolla explained he is interested only in a person’s ability to tell funny jokes – not gender, race, or any other irrelevant descriptor. Furthermore, he asserted that the left seems far more anxious to impose stereotypes with the advancement of ideas like “white privilege.”

He concluded that his race has never played a role in his success, noting he started out in a poor family and worked his way up through a series of difficult jobs before eventually attaining success.

“When it came to comedy, it wasn’t like, ‘Ooh, white guy, come up to the front of the line.’ No, everyone went up to the open mic. Whoever got there first got there first.”

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Adam Carolla


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