CNN Boss Proudly Embraces Network’s Bias


In its exhaustive – and highly speculative – coverage of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappearance, CNN President Jeff Zucker defended the network, suggesting viewers call the shots.

“Clearly, the audience has spoken and said that what CNN did was correct.”

He apparently holds a completely different position, however, when a story can be manipulated to serve the network’s leftist slant. In a recent speech, for example, Zucker acknowledged “a tremendous amount of lack of interest on the audience’s part” regarding CNN’s incessant reportage of global warming alarmism.

Nevertheless, he insists the network will continue harping on the subject he believes “deserves more attention” than other topics. Among those issues he feels no urge to cover, by the way, is the Benghazi investigation.

Zucker concluded CNN will “not be shamed into it” by those who feel exposing the apparent government cover-up warrants some level of publicity.

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Photo Credit: Billy Hathorn (Creative Commons)


One thought on “CNN Boss Proudly Embraces Network’s Bias

  1. The networks are biased by what ever will sell the most soap. In todays environment they are narrowcasting, each seeking out a narrow target audience. Fox has the monopoly on seeking the Conservative audience while MSNBC and CNN are fighting for the middle and liberal audience.

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