Middle School Scraps ‘Exclusive’ Honors Ceremony

Photo Credit: Brian W. Wu (Creative Commons)

As socialist themes continue to take hold in America’s public school system and students are increasingly sheltered from any potential failure or offense, it is harder than ever for kids to stand out from the crowd.

Those who work hard enough to earn recognition for their efforts, however, are still acknowledged by their teachers and peers in schools across the nation. One middle school in Rhode Island, however, recently joined the growing movement to label such honors ceremonies unfair because everyone is not included.

That is, of course, precisely the point of such ceremonies.

Too many ideologues no longer see merit-based accolades as an incentive but as a cruel taunt to those who did not earn an award. As an email from school administrators explains:

“Members of the school community have long expressed concerns related to the exclusive nature of Honors Night.”

Plenty of parents understand, though, that insulating the next generation from disappointment will only result in an inability to adequately handle obstacles in the real world.

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Photo Credit: Brian W. Wu (Creative Commons)


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