House Republicans Target Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Regulations

USDA (Creative Commons)

While conservatives rightfully oppose federal education standards imposed on districts through the Common Core initiative, another form of bureaucracy is affecting students in an even more direct way. Nutrition regulations backed by Michelle Obama have created unappetizing — and costly — school lunch programs about which administrators, parents, and especially students have been vocal critics.

House Republicans will consider a bill this week designed to address these concerns by providing waivers to schools that can prove their food programs are losing money.

Though the initiative has already garnered praise from many groups opposed to the strict nutritional guidelines, leftist organizations like the Center for Science in the Public Interest remain indignant. Spokesperson Margo Wootan asserted:

“It’s a shame that the House Republicans are taking a step backward and allowing schools to serve more unhealthy food to children.”

In reality, though, the impetus behind this bill was a series of complaints by schools forced to provide meals that students wouldn’t eat and budgets couldn’t cover.

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Photo Credit: USDA (Creative Commons)


One thought on “House Republicans Target Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Regulations

  1. Why wasn’t Michelle’s Lunch guide lines for schools applied to ALL free food card Precipitants. I see Huge fat Black women riding a Scooter With 4 kids Holding on the basket and paying with a Tax payer Free food Card. This is the Group that Needs to adhere to Michelle’s food Guide Lines.

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