First Their Conservative Views Cost Them a Television Series, Now Their Livelihood

Facebook/Benham Brothers

Due to the activism of leftist groups like the website Right Wing Watch, and the apparent spinelessness of HGTV executives, David and Jason Benham learned this month their anticipated series Flip It Forward had been scrapped.

Outraged by the family’s conservatism and faith-based opposition to abortion and gay marriage, activists successfully cost them the lucrative deal. As a result of the backlash, the brothers have now lost their primary source of income to boot.

The Benham’s property business was effectively ruined when SunTrust Bank withdrew all of the listings it allowed the ‘preferred brokers’ to represent. David explained what the decision means to his family:

“We were caught off guard with this one. Keeping us off television wasn’t enough, now this agenda to silence wants us out of the marketplace.”

A bank spokesperson would not admit the move was related to the current manufacture controversy; however, the timing suggests it was.

Chris Stone, founder of Faith Driven Consumer, determined SunTrust’s decision instituted a “belief-oriented litmus test” for its business partners.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Benham Brothers


5 thoughts on “First Their Conservative Views Cost Them a Television Series, Now Their Livelihood

  1. Freedom of speech equals the freedom to have people dislike you – it doesn’t mean freedom from repercussion.

    • I think you’d have something entirely different to say if it were an LGBT duo being discriminated against instead of these two.

    • Yeah, No. Freedom of speech is the freedom to express yourself without fear. You have the right disagree, even to be hateful, without fearing a witchhunt that tracks you down and ruins your life. Why does the movement that wanted its members to be able to come out of the closet want to put other people in the closet?
      Looks like it was never about equality after all.

      • There’s a simple conflation of equating “who you are” with a “point of view”.

        I didn’t choose to be straight. I’m a guy, I like chicks, there’s precious little that will make me want to lust after a guy. That’s who I am. But, starting out very conservative/libertarian, I’ve become rather liberal by changing little of my person but by moderating reality with my intents. My point of view is rather different!

        You choose your faith. I’ve been very Christian, I am now comfortably an atheist. But never, in all my life, have I lusted for a guy. One is who I am, the other is a belief. Conflating the two is the foundation of this broken argument.

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