Desperate Bureaucrats Label Common Core Critics ‘Barbarians’ and Racists

Department of Education

Faced with the prospect of states abolishing the federal education curriculum in growing numbers, Common Core shills are embracing the standard leftist tactic of demonizing the opposition.

Education officials on both sides of the nation this week used their position to call out concerned parents and politicians working against the confusing lesson plans and partisan indoctrination included in the program.

Arizona Public Instruction Superintendent John Huppenthal, an avid Common Core supporter, presented himself as the victim in the ongoing debate:

“I have put my career on the line to stave off the barbarians. I very likely could lose this election.”

Meanwhile, New York Education Commissioner John King compared the federal curriculum standards to the landmark Supreme Court precedent of Brown v. Board of Education.

“By retreating from accountability and allowing children at risk to slip through the cracks,” he said, “advocates of lower standards deny us the talents of all Americans.”

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