Young Actress Reveals Why She’s Not a Feminist in Five Words

Facebook/Shailene Woodley

Just because she portrayed the self-sufficient central character in this year’s blockbuster film Divergent doesn’t mean 22-year-old Shailene Woodley buys into the feminist ideology that dominates modern Hollywood. When asked during a recent interview whether she considers herself a feminist, she offered the following response:

“No, because I love men.”

Woodley elaborated a bit, indicating she supports “sisterhood more than feminism,” explaining women in general often get caught up in jealous battles that detract from their own societal advancement.

She also criticized the opinion some feminists have that, in order to achieve equality, men must be demoted from positions of power.

Naturally, feminists reacted harshly, describing her opinion as “misinformed” and “dangerous.”

Nevertheless, the rising star has certainly earned a few new fans with her endorsement of a commonsense approach to gender equality.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Shailene Woodley


One thought on “Young Actress Reveals Why She’s Not a Feminist in Five Words

  1. Yeah, since she was in a few movies about not being forced to be a cookie-cutter person, who because they’re in a certain group they are supposed to act a certain way and when she doesn’t, that’s considered dangerous by the ones in charge. I would hope she applies it to real life. good job.

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