California Advances Condoms-for-Prisoners Program


Despite the fact that sexual intercourse between inmates is a crime in the state, California lawmakers are pushing a bill that would require prisons to provide condoms to convicts who request them.

Obviously, many AIDS activists are enthusiastic supporters of the initiative. As Michael Weinstein asserted:

“People have a right to have protection who are in prisons and jail and it’s not being provided to them, whether it’s legal to have sex in prisons or jail.”

Of course, there is a reason even the state’s leftist governor, Jerry Brown, vetoed a similar proposal last year. As critics point out, condoms are frequently used to transport contraband into, out of, and throughout prisons. Increased availability would likely only exacerbate that problem.

Also worth noting, the bill would not require inmates with a communicable disease to use the provided protection. In essence, the bill would do little to enforce disease prevention efforts while giving those looking for a way to move drugs and other substances access to an effective resource.

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