Stacey Dash Goes Off on Critics of This Conservative Film


stacey dash

Actresses Stacey Dash and Patricia Heaton were both included in my list of 25 Conservatives in Modern Hollywood. This week, the former is defending the latter against leftist attacks on her most recent film, “Mom’s Night Out.”

The comedy follows the trials of a stay-at-home-mom looking to enjoy one evening away from the kids. The inherent pro-family message opened up Heaton’s latest entertainment vehicle to an array of scathing reviews from obviously bitter film critics.

A few select words used to describe the film so far are “shrill,” “preaching,” and even “dangerous.”

Nevertheless, its revenue-per-screen total beat out even “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” last weekend and, among websites like Rotten Tomatoes, viewers have expressed overwhelming approval.

Dash, who experienced the left’s wrath after daring to publicly support Mitt Romney in 2012, used her social media presence to defend Heaton and the film’s traditional message.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Stacey Dash


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