Missouri Just Demonstrated the Right Way to Drop Common Core

Facebook/Stop Common Core in Illinois

Despite threats from the Departments of Justice and Education, states across the U.S. continue to drop the disastrous federal education program known as Common Core.

Parents are outraged by the curriculum’s convoluted lesson plans and widespread leftist propaganda while state officials, promised a plan under which they would be in charge, are increasingly learning how much control D.C. truly has in the process.

While some states are merely replacing the program with a virtual replica in the pursuit of maintaining federal funding while placating Common Core opponents, Missouri is taking a more principled approach.

Recently passed House Bill 1490 ensures Common Core will be eradicated from state classrooms by the 2016-17 school year, replaced by curriculum developed by district educators more accountable to students.

The delay in implementation will, as state advocate Ron Calzone explained, give “the schools that have invested a lot of time preparing for what Gov. [Jay] Nixon obligated them to a graceful way out, while stopping CC in the long run.”

As with most programs, Americans are best served when education decisions are made as close to home as possible. Common Core, as more and more states are discovering, is just another bureaucratic power grab.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Stop Common Core in Illinois

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