Ted Cruz Demands Release of Drone Strike Memo


Senators from both parties have voiced opposition to Barack Obama’s nomination of David Barron to fill a seat on the First Circuit Court of Appeals. Though this is hardly the first time a White House pick has faced hurdles in the confirmation process, Barron’s case brings with it an important nation discussion.

During a brief time in the Justice Department, where he served as acting assistant attorney general, Barron was behind a memo justifying the assassination by drone of American terror suspect Anwar al-Awlaki. Since then, that document has reportedly been used to defend the use of lethal force against other U.S. citizens.

While several senators have threatened to hold up his confirmation vote until the administration complies with a court order to release the memo, Sen. Ted Cruz spoke out firmly against approving the nominee in a press release this week:

“The Obama administration has been extremely resistant in providing information about its drone program, which continues with its refusal to disclose the body of David Barron’s government work.”

He also criticized Sen. Harry Reid’s imposition of the ‘nuclear option,’ which prohibits the chamber’s minority party from using a filibuster to oppose a nominee.

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