FBI Begins Building a Case against Bundy Supporters


The presence of armed protesters in the aftermath of a standoff at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada has led to hostility among those on both sides of the issue. While their supporters largely herald them as protectors of individual liberty, some leftist politicians and reporters are apparently working to use this incident to discredit government dissidents.

A number of militiamen remain in Clark County this week and, according to local reports, they may soon be facing criminal charges as part of a developing FBI inquiry. Law enforcement officers confirm they have been interviewed by federal agents, explaining they are prepared to act against protesters they believe have acted inappropriately.

As Assistant Sheriff Joe Lombardo explained:

“There is definitely going to be consequences, definitely. That is unacceptable behavior. If we let it go, it would continue into the future.”

Advocates for rancher Cliven Bundy, however, claim it has been authorities — not protesters — who have resorted to intimidation and threats in the pursuit of their mission.

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