Bundy Ranch Protesters Set Sights on Utah

Facebook/Missouri Citizen Militia

Despite their mission resonating with many patriotic Americans fed up with the federal government’s overreach, the armed militiamen stationed near the Bundy Ranch over the past month have encountered plenty of opposition. As I recently reported, not only are politicians and reporters calling for their removal, another federal agency — the FBI — is reportedly launching an investigation against them.

A number of these demonstrators, however, are expecting a somewhat more hospitable reception in San Juan County, Utah, which is the stage of what is expected to be the next standoff between the Bureau of Land Management and government dissidents.

Protester Ryan Payne indicated the militia members have the support of local elected officials and law enforcement, stating:

“This is a continuation of the Bundy affair. But it kind of shows the flip side of what happens when the sheriff upholds his oath.”

The protest has been organized to oppose the federal agency’s restriction of motor vehicles in a nearby canyon. As for the BLM, there is no indication armed officers will swarm the area as they did during last month’s standoff in Nevada.

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Facebook/Missouri Citizen Militia

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