Rabbi Offers Direct — and Devastating — Prognosis for America

Facebook/Jonathan Cahn (Official Site)

As I reported from this year’s CPAC event in Washington, D.C., Mike Huckabee used much of his time to warn of God’s impending wrath against America. The ordained Baptist preacher explained that, if the nation continues charting its current course away from its moral foundation, we could find ourselves separated from the favor evident throughout our storied history.

While he tackled the issue from a Christian standpoint, our founders recognized the idea of free nation hinges on the belief of its citizens that their liberties emanate from a Higher Power.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, speaking at an event hosted by Huckabee this week, echoed those sentiments from his Jewish perspective. Addressing a crowd of legislators, government officials, and Supreme Court justices, he explained the “propitious smile of God” referenced by George Washington during his first inaugural address could not exist in a nation that brazenly flouts His will.

Cahn also had a message specifically for Barack Obama:

“Mr. President, can you place your left hand on the Word of God to assume your office and with your right hand sign laws which break the very Word upon which you swore and still expect the smiles of heaven to remain?”

He cited institutionalized travesties like abortion, indicating that support of such policies is incongruous with the guidelines for freedom put forth at America’s founding. Regardless of religious beliefs — or lack thereof — it is clear to most conservatives that a certain level of morality is necessary to protect the unique freedoms Americans have enjoyed for more than two centuries.

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Facebook/Jonathan Cahn (Official Site)

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