Here’s What Happens to Common Core Critics

Facebook/Stop Common Core in Illinois

It is becoming increasingly clear that public school educators and administrators, beholden to the federal government and leftist teachers unions, will stop at nothing to protect the disastrous federal education curriculum known as Common Core.

Recently, I wrote an article about a student in New York who was suspended for sharing a fact about Common Core that school staff obviously wanted to keep quiet. She did her research and found out that scheduled exams were not mandatory; and she did her best to tell other students they could just opt out.

According her her account, she was then told to shut her mouth, called to the principal’s office where she was treated like a criminal, and kicked out of school.

The same week, another New York school was accused of rewarding students who took the exams with ice cream while those whose parents wanted them to avoid the indoctrination were conspicuously left out.

Parents opposed to the leftist propaganda are also being targeted.

Last year, a father in Maryland was so outraged by Common Core demands that he spoke out during a school board meeting. An off-duty cop approached him, put him in handcuffs and — even though a video of the entire altercation showed the officer was the only aggressive party — arrested him and charged him with assault on a police officer and disruption of a school event.

The latest evidence of this trend involves an eighth grade student at Whitesburg Middle School near Huntsville, Ala.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Stop Common Core in Illinois


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