Former Top Prosecutor Lays Out the Case for Obama’s Impeachment

Facebook/Overpasses for America

Calls for impeachment proceedings against Barack Obama are hardly new. Citizens outraged by the litany of scandals — and subsequent cover-ups — that have plagued his administration have gone to great lengths in their attempt to gain support for the cause.

Occasionally, even a rogue legislator will express his approval.

Whether protesting on overpasses across the U.S. or organizing a march on D.C., groups of activists have been quite vocal in their opposition to this regime. Unfortunately for their cause, such efforts are generally ignored by the mainstream media and, among most elected officials, their cries fall on deaf ears.

One former Assistant U.S. Attorney, however, is attempting to lend credibility to the impeachment movement with the release of his latest book…

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Overpasses for America


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