Media, Democrats Ramp Up War on Militias in Nevada

Facebook/Missouri Citizen Militia

As I reported last week, Democrat leaders are growing increasingly intolerant of the militia presence in and around Bunkerville, Nev.

Not only did Sen. Harry Reid label the armed protesters “domestic terrorists,” leftist media outlets perpetuated undocumented accounts of militiamen engaging in threatening behavior. State Rep. Steven Horsford has been a persistent opponent of the protesters’ presence, despite the fact that they are within their legal rights to carry firearms in the state.

He alleged militia members have set up checkpoints in the community, a claim reporters specifically tasked with finding them failed to substantiate. Most recently, Horsford cited a fifth grade student who supposedly told him Bundy has a “sense of entitlement.”

That conversation with a middle school child was apparently the last straw, leading to his most direct rant to date…

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Missouri Citizen Militia


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