Embracing the American Flag is Now Considered Racist


The race card has been used so frivolously and consistently in America that accusations of racism have lost any legitimacy by all but the most fervent leftists. Of course, that doesn’t stop radicals from inventing new ways to portray conservatives as inherently bigoted.

Whether taking someone’s unscripted comments out of context or citing ‘scientific’ studies that support their claims, many on the left will apparently not be satisfied until anything whites do can be twisted into some form of racism. That takes us to an absurd allegation that tends to reappear on the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo.

Four years ago, a school district in California notoriously banned displays of the American flag on May 5 in misplaced deference to Mexican students. An appeals court subsequently upheld administrators’ right to do so.

In response, dozens of patriotic Americans peacefully demonstrated outside of the school, and the response among the perpetually offended is disturbing…

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Photo Credit: YouTube/Bzzzzzzzzz!


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